Election Day

Stood in a long line to vote this morning – thankfully, inside where it wasn’t too cold. Was further convinced that democracy is a really poor form of government; I had to explain eminent domain to a couple of voters behind me. Nice people, but they didn’t even know that the government currently has the power to take your property and give it to a business to build a strip mall. Sigh.

I’ve been skimming most of the political news lately – tired of it, as I’m sure most people are by this point. However, while I’ve been seeing a lot of people talking about reasons to vote for Romney, I don’t know that they’ve pointed out one very cogent reason to vote for the Republican for President.

The only way to protect civil liberties is to have a Republican President. I’m serious. Do you even know how many US citizens President Obama has ordered killed in drone strikes? One of them was a teenager. Without due process. Without even a sham trial – just BOOM, dead. And the mainstream media doesn’t make a peep. You know what happens when a Republican is in office? The mainstream media starts SCREAMING at the top of their lungs about abuses of power – the very same abuses of power they’ve spent the last four years totally ignoring. (Guantanamo? Kill lists? What’s that?) Since we’re at the mercy of masses of ignorant people whose only source of information is the MSM zeitgeist (this includes major political party people and Congresscritters, not just average joe citizen), it’s critically important to have a Republican in office, so that the abuses of the Executive Branch of our government are consistently revealed and trumpeted from the rooftops. That doesn’t happen if a Democrat is President.

Republican Presidents don’t get away with murdering US citizens. That’s why, even if you’re a hippie liberal, you should want one in office.


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