Oooh, I’ve been bad

My list of posts tells me I’ve been neglecting to blog lately. Personally I’ve been rather swamped and I don’t have a huge backlog of things to post about and schedule; I ought to just start flinging interesting links up a la Glenn Reynolds.  😉

Guess I’m also too busy following current events to have formed much of a rant about them, either. XD

One thing I’d like to mention, though – I was running Hulu in the background, and a campaign ad for Tim Kaine (worthless Democrat) came on, targeted towards the women-who-are-nothing-but-their-vaginas demographic. There’s two identical versions of this ad, one with an older blonde lady in it, and one with a younger brunette. The younger brunette version creeps me the hell out, because she looks like she’s been drugged into mind-numb docility. Either that or she’s cognitively impaired, as in genuinely disabled cognitive impairment. Great image, creeper.


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