Totally Unsurprising Failure

The NY Times publishes an article titled “Diabetes Study Ends Early With a Surprising Result” –

The result was that putting obese Type 2 diabetics on a calorie-restrictive diet and an intensive exercise regime… didn’t help. Duh. Not only did these people not actually lose a significant amount of weight – my weight fluctuates by more than 5% over the course of a single day sometimes – they didn’t see any kind of benefit in the rate of heart attacks. They went into the study fat and sick, and came out of it fat and sick.

That’s because it’s the government-recommended dietary and exercise guidelines that made them fat and sick in the first place!

The only way to “cure” diabetes (Type 2) is to adopt an Atkins/paleo/low-carb high-fat diet. Exercise, while healthy for other reasons, does absolute jack for weight loss – it just makes you hungrier. But you won’t hear that out of any of the mainstream diet recommendations – they all prescribe the same carbohydrate-laden frankengrains diet that sends people’s blood sugar screaming through the roof, as if that diet weren’t the cause of the problem in the first place!

Eat bacon, not bread!


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