Sarah A. Hoyt, “The Myth That Kills”

One of the things that makes me furious with feminists is their insistence that biological reality is somehow the responsibility of The Evil, Oppressive Patriarchy. But rather than repeating what I’ve ineloquently said before for your reading displeasure, go read this wonderful blog post – The Myth That Kills.

There’s a free-on-Amazon deal this week on a short story of hers; a day or two ago, I downloaded and read it on my PC Kindle app – it was quite good, and short enough to be read in one sitting – and the theme is quite appropriate for the coming Halloween! I think the next time I’m in a “I have nothing good to read!” mood and (still) refusing to read any Robert Jordan, I’ll go look up her books and pick one to start; should be entertaining! (I don’t anticipate that happening soon, with the election almost upon us, my RSS feed is providing all the reading material I can handle!)


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