Libertarians and Politics

The other day (in this case, sometime a week or so ago, I think), I was doing my once-a-week cruise of FaceBook statuses on my newsfeed, and ran across a political conversation on somebody’s wall involving Libertarians – and Some Guy (sorry, SG, I don’t remember who you were) wrote something I think is profoundly correct: he refuses to vote for a national party candidate that fields no local political candidates in his district.

That got me thinking. Several of the bloggers I follow are Libertarian; and while I sympathize with their small-government leanings, we don’t agree on several things; international economics and social mores are the major two. But I can’t actually recall seeing a Libertarian candidate in my local elections – and I do turn out to vote in those. There’s been a few Independents, but no Libertarians as far as I can recall.

What’s up with that? What makes Libertarians think that they can mount a successful national political campaign… when they have no grass roots at all?

You know what it makes me think of? Top-down solutions. Libertarians are all in favor of local governance…. except when it’s time to run for local office, none of them are to be found – at least in any district I’ve ever lived in.

Heh. I agree with FaceBook Guy – if you can’t field a candidate in my county, forget getting my vote on the national stage. You don’t deserve it. A good builder lays the foundation before trying to build the roof!


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