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Linkthrough to a long article on Obama’s abject failure in international relations.

TL;DR – Leftists willfully refuse to understand that people can’t always get along, because it isn’t actually possible for their interests to align, and no, explaining your “brilliant,” “enlightened” philosophy of international relations with flowery apologetic rhetoric is not going to lead dictators to sit in a circle around a campfire and sing Kumbaya with you.

There are real, honest-to-goodness BAD PEOPLE out there. Refusing to recognize that they’re not going to suddenly stop being bad people and become your friends if you talk sweetly enough to them is a particular failure of the Left. We’ve already had an American ambassador and his staff killed in a terrorist attack on a US embassy. Why? Because America’s leaders are making this country weak, in a completely wrong-headed belief that making America weaker will make her enemies like her better. Instead of encouraging them to make good on their “Death to America” slogans.

Yeah, and hiding under the blankets will keep the monster under your bed from eating you, too.


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