The Roman Catholic Church

I have a great respect for certain Catholic bloggers, John C Wright among them. This is a sharp contrast to the distain in which I hold most Catholics and their leaders, or perhaps I should put that in quotation marks – “Catholics” – who are an absolute disgrace to what is one of the oldest religious organizations on the planet. Not that Protestant churches are any better, really – I agree with Vox Day’s characterization of many nominal Christians as “churchians,” that is, culturally associated with a historically Christian institution (a “church”) that is no longer recognizably Christian in most of its teachings and practices.

However, John’s latest post on the matter shares, far more eloquently than I could write, disappointment with the leadership of the RCC. And as food for thought, there is a very good comment by someone going by Joseph M, describing what is going on with the RCC in military terms. If that is indeed what is going on internally, I think it is a good plan; decades of religious leadership malpractice cannot be fixed in a day, barring a miracle.

Still. My mind boggles at how very, very bad the leadership of the RCC let things get; what’s the point of having a Pope and a hierarchy if you don’t make good use of it?


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