Worst Internet Company Leaves Worst State

California proves its hotly contested position of “Worst State” (competitors include Illinios) by browbeating the company into retracting the truth and lying to the public about why they’re moving.

The rats are fleeing the ship.

What I don’t understand is why Comcast feels the need to bow to California’s elected officials thugs, but considering the state is essentially run by a giant mafia, there’s probably some sort of legislative/regulatory blackmail going on. And by “probably” I mean “the probability is asymptotically close to one.”

I may be a little harsher on Comcast than it deserves, but if I ever hear a good report about Comcast service, it will be the first. Comcast: it’s what you put up with until Verizon runs fios to your house. I really should be getting paid for saying that, but it does happen to be true!


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