Pagination does not belong on the web

via Amy Alkon – I agree completely. And PJ Media is a huuuuuuuuuuuuge problem this way, so much so that it was the very first offender in multiple readers’ minds! I have to admit, unless the article on PJM really interests me, I will simply disregard it because I know I’ll have to click through a truly ridiculous number of pages to read the whole thing. It’s even more incredibly aggravating when it’s clear that the size of the page has been “optimized” for the squarish monitors (I use a laptop, so I have a shorter viewing screen) – which means I have to scroll down for the last two sentences on the page…. and then click over to the next page, on which I will have to scroll down for the last two sentences…. repeat until you give up in frustration.

I could see some kind of pagination being useful for image-heavy articles that the publisher wants to make user-friendly for the poor benighted folks out in the hinterlands who don’t have fios. No other excuses!


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