The 19th Amendment was a Mistake

I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that pretty much any extending of the franchise in any kind of representative government system is a mistake, actually. I wouldn’t mind some kind of property-ownership (or net tax-paying) as a sex-neutral requirement to voting, however. (And while we’re talking about pipe dreams, let’s eliminate the federal income tax and have the states pay the for the federal budget, too!)

The particular cause of my current despair over the total idiocy of the female voter is Ann Althouse – a generally highly intelligent, successful law professor. She did great journalistic work during the Madison, Wisconsin protests.

However, if you read this blog post of hers, about how Rush Limbaugh’s replaying of a particular video clip makes her feel like voting against Romney, I become ever more convinced that if even a very highly intelligent woman can “think” this way… it’d be far better for the country to not let any women vote at all.

Most of what I’d say in response to the post, and to her subsequent replies to her audience’s comments, has already been said by the commenters themselves (I read comments posted up to about 8 PM, when they ended, at the time) – one of the reasons I recommend Althouse’s blog is for the ideologically diverse – and very interesting! – comment crew she has.

Althouse herself should do the country a favor, though, and stop voting entirely. She’s essentially publicly outed herself as totally unfit for the task. At least the people voting for Obama for welfare benefits have a rational reason for doing so, even if it is self-defeating and nation-destroying in the long run. I can respect material gain as a reason to vote for somebody. Althouse’s wibbly response to how a radio host runs his show affects her feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelings about a Presidential candidate with no input on the content of the show itself… deserves no respect at all. Apparently Althouse can’t imagine that conservative media – unlike the liberal media that leaps to obey every hint of desire from its political masters as to its fawning commentary – would react very poorly to an attempt by a political candidate to micromanage a radio talk show. Hint: conservatives actually believe in freedom of speech, even when it’s inconvenient for them.

Just go read the comments. This blog post would become far too long if I had to point out every single logical error and unwitting admission of admiration for totalitarian communications control that Ann Althouse has just admitted to. Thankfully I have a fridge full of delightful alcoholic drinks with which to dull the outrage over such a display of willful stupidity from a woman whose profession is teaching law.

There’s no lobotomy like the one you perform on yourself, I guess.


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