How to NOT help minorities

So, here’s a good example of why the Justice Department has nothing whatsoever to do with “justice” and everything to do with government-sanctioned organized crime.

A small bank that was very careful to make (very large) loans only to people who were capable of making the payments got in trouble, because of “disparate impact,” aka “too few minority people getting these loans.”

Note the very low rate of foreclosure. Note the ridiculous punishments meted out onto this bank – one of very few – that did NOT trap low-income people into a terrible situation that resulted in the destruction of their credit and their eviction from their homes.

This is the same problem higher education has – in order to meet a quota-like “diversity” distribution, these institutions are deliberately and with malice aforethought courting minority individuals who will not personally benefit in the long run from taking out huge loans. What good does it do a minority person to end up with a massive amount of debt they might not be able to pay off (that can’t be written off in bankruptcy, in the case of education loans)? None at all. In fact, if you assume that minorities in any culture have a harder time getting jobs than majority individuals, advertising massive amounts of debt to minorities while simultaneously lowering the standards under which they can qualify for the loans is GUARANTEED to ruin minority people’s lives. At a higher rate than majority people’s lives.

And they call it “social justice.” Just remember, when anyone starts talking about “disparate impact” as a reason to lower standards, that the road to hell for minorities is paved with the good intentions of liberals.


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