Profoundly and Disturbingly Selfish

A story at Slate that follows one woman’s quest to use modern technology to conceive a girl, after her first two (and then the third) were boys.

You know, there is a very old, traditional way to ensure the sex of your next child. It’s called adoption. And it doesn’t require you to create and then callously discard life for no other reason than because they’re not the sex you wanted your next offspring to be.

I’m not Roman Catholic, but the Vatican is right on the money with their view of reproductive technology like this. It’s evil. If you want to choose your offspring the way you’d buy a puppy from a prize-winning breeding line – to treat a human being like livestock – at least choose a human being that already exists and desperately needs parents, instead of creating living things for the express purpose of killing them if they don’t meet your entirely self-centered requirements. Your. Own. Offspring.

I wonder what it would feel like, to be that woman’s third boy. And then find out that simply because you weren’t a girl, your parents considered killing you before you were born. Because they didn’t want you. How many children, both boys and girls, are killed by their own parents for no other reason than being the “wrong” sex? Nobody knows, because no one counts their deaths, and they receive no burial and no grave.

These people are sick.


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