Berry Blue

H/T to Althouse

A Wired article about the most intense blue found in nature.

That reminds me, I need to find a good blueprint for bluebird houses! We had a fledgling bluebird on our deck this spring. I think they like that we leave our backyard to run wild most of the time. A robin keeps trying to build a nest on our deck support, but we don’t want it there so we knock it off before she finishes building it. We also have blue-tailed skinks – I caught one in the house a week or so ago, managed to pen it in a plastic box so it didn’t lose its tail, and let it go outside. (That may not have been a favor. There’s a bigger one that lives out there, and I think I recall reading that they’re cannibalistic.) We also have rabbits, but I’ve yet to see a blue one of those. 😀


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