Something worth quoting

PJ Lifestyle ran the text of Sandra Fluke’s speech to the DNC (complete with appropriate pictures) and, while the content of Ms Fluke’s speech was predictably either asinine or flat-out wrong (mostly both), there was one jem of a comment, from a lady by the handle of Carmelita. I reprint it here in full.

  1. I am certainly grateful to have a chance to respond directly to Ms. Fluke.

    I’m an old school feminist. Back in the day when women were seen as mostly DNA donors, with nothing to contribute to the world beyond the hearth, second class citizens best to keep barefoot and pregnant, I was a student in a nearly all male discipline in a mostly male university. Told to my face that I was ‘wasting a space that could have been for a man’ and how appalling it was that I was on full academic scholarship, that brains are wasted in women, some thought they were paying me a compliment when they said I was too pretty for an education. I grew a very large chip on my shoulder to prove them wrong. And I’ve been largely successful. The sexual harassment that I dealt with in school and in the workplace for two decades would send you scurrying home to hide under your futon. I and others like me dealt with it and it did not get in our way.

    Like many women of my time, we gained the respect of colleagues in science, engineering, medicine, law, business, and many pursuits that were male-dominated professions. We worked harder than the men, we had to, and we fought for equal pay for equal work. We got those promotions and we won the argument. Victory! It was at last culturally self-evident that women have more to contribute. Woman are more than wombs!

    And then a puny irrational excuse for a grievance garners national attention that sets women’s equality back fifty years. You and all those vagina-dressed clones have no clue what true oppression is like and you embarrass yourself and our gender beyond measure. You are an affront to all the women that broke the barriers before you, that put up with the insults to prove the I-hate-women-drivers set wrong. Do you honestly believe that we fought for our daughters and generations of women to follow us so that now you can sully all of our efforts in the name of debauchery? You proudly illustrate a willful ignorance that I thought we women had finally overcome – you are saying to the world that women are nothing but wombs!

    Dearie, you are speaking for yourself. And the worst shame is that you could be so much more.


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