Politicians are Dumb

So, when you go on TV and start talking with your TV show host, and he asks you about the history of your own district, unless you’re pretty familiar with that history, you should change the topic and talk about something current instead. Case in point: Rep. Yvette Clarke. Honey, it doesn’t do you any good to go on TV and prove that you’re not only historically illiterate about your own district, but the major historical points of the whole freaking country!

Seriously. You would think that, out of all Americans, a black woman would be aware that slavery wasn’t a problem in Brooklyn in 1898, considering slavery in the US was outlawed 32 years earlier, in 1865. I always hated history and all those confusing dates and such, but even I could tell you that one!

Then she made it even worse. By blaming the Dutch for enslaving black people in Brooklyn in 1898. Apparently, the year 1776 means nothing to this woman, either! In fact, the Dutch lost control of Brooklyn even before the Declaration of Independence – in a 1674 treaty with the British. That’s a two hundred and twenty-four year difference! If you’re going to bring up the Dutch, shouldn’t you at least know when they no longer controlled the area that became your own district? At least have some idea of what century that happened?

It’s as good as that guy, Rep. Hank Johnson, asking if putting more military personnel on Guam would cause the island to capsize.

Seriously. I have to wonder how intelligent the people in these districts are, if they’re electing as their representatives people who failed US History and Earth Science in high school the way these two apparently did. Of course, the whole country seems to have failed math class, the way our budgetary difficulties have been going. Or, you know, not going, since Congress can’t be bothered to actually produce a budget, despite it being in the job description.


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