The War on Girls

Get this: Lego, after performing what was probably a costly market research campaign, comes out with a new toy line targeted towards girls, note: after speaking with girls to find out what girls who don’t play with regular Legos would want in a Lego set specifically targeted to their desires.

Predictably, groups whose sole purpose is to stamp out human nature entirely (no matter what sane people want) complain that this new line of toys – developed with input from actual girls and selling very well to actual girls (via their parents, no doubt, just as with ordinary Lego sets) – is “sexist.”

Note to such groups: it’s actually been shown that there are differences between boys and girls that arise out of the hormonal environment in utero. So blaming the fact that a lot of girls like “girly” things on “sexism” is just plain stupid. A lot of girls like girly things because of their genetics, idiots. Let’s call these people what they are: misogynists. They can’t stand to see girls naturally being girls. They’d prefer that girls be more like boys instead, apparently.

Now, this girly Lego line, developed with input from real, live girls, is doing so well that Lego is making a nice profit. You know what that means? There are more girls playing with Legos than there were before. But these groups would rather some girls not play with Legos at all than play with pink Legos.

You know what? If you don’t want your kids playing with girly pink Legos, don’t buy them any. Problem solved.

Our (hypothetical) kids are going to have to fight their parents for Lego rights, actually. Those big Lego castles are Daddy’s toys, silly children! So is the video game system. LOL

As a child, some of my favorite toys were: Barbies, model horses (My Little Ponies, then Grand Champions), and – guess what? – Legos. I even had a few favorite model cars. Let children be themselves, and stop trying to force them into an asexual “stereotype” – kids are quite capable of picking out what toys they’d like to play with on their own.


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