Safety First

Ann Althouse is apparently a little concerned about spreading the word that there was a sexual predator in Madison whose method of gaining access to women was to smooth-talk his way into their apartments by asking to pet their domesticated feline companions.


What kind of idiot even opens the front door of her apartment to a male she doesn’t already intimately know and trust? Let me spell out the rule: If You Don’t Know The Person Knocking (especially if you’re alone), Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES Should You Open The Door. Unless you’re expecting a delivery and the guy at the front door matches your expectations. Pizza guys = usually an acceptable risk. If you’re a lone female, please understand that there is no Patriarchy to protect you, Chivalry is dead, and you are left with the responsibility to protect yourself from predators of all kinds. That means not doing dumbass things like inviting a male neighbor into your apartment just because he complimented your cat.

Just because someone knocks, doesn’t mean you have to answer the door.


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