Fishy Updates

So far, despite my neglect of the tanks, they seem to have come through quite handily without the usual maintenance. However, I think I’m going to have to get an automatic feeder for the planted tank – I did get an outbreak of algae over the week we were gone in there, no doubt because the tank didn’t get fed while I was gone, and I depend on the fish food and fauna for macros other than K. Time to watch the sales! I’ve figured out about how much I usually feed them (“a pinch” isn’t a good enough direction to share with anyone else, so it’s safer not to have a stranger feed the fish) and it turns out to be about 1/4 tsp of New Life Spectrum cichlid pellets. (The non-cichlids don’t mind it! Even the otos have learned to eat it.)

I also need to scrub the algae off the glass and do big water changes, but feeling like one’s been run over by a truck is not conducive to hours of watery labor. A bit of algae won’t hurt anything but my pride, after all.


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