Prepare yourself for some shameless whining, or just skip this update if you’d like. I promise I won’t mind. 😉

I’m fast running out of scheduled updates, due to my blissful “vacation” from checking blogs that report Important News (IN is usually 95% bad and/or rage-at-the-injustice inducing) and sticking with the amusing/useful ones instead. I’m going to start working on my compartmentalization skills, however, to insulate my emotional state from problems in the world that are beyond my ability to fix, so that I can build up a new buffer. Say a few Serenity Prayers for me, please. 🙂

One problem with keeping up with the blog, other than my aforementioned sine-wave pattern of interest, is that I’ve been posting more frequently on the aquatic forums listed on the sidebar; since I usually do fairly major editing of posts for grammar, typos, and needed self-censorship (I’m “mean” if I’m not careful), it uses up a lot of my writing energy. For the blog, however, I’m not likely to be doing a lot of editing. This is my virtual backyard, after all. The typos can live, and I’m free to change my mind, or “evolve” as Dear Leader would put it.

In fact, just now as I am writing this post (which I will schedule), I am procrastinating at least two other chores I should accomplish today! LOL


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