WordPress as cheerleader

It amuses me that WordPress felt the need to program this platform to congratulate bloggers for posting. I feel a little bit like I stumbled into a video game with XP and leveling by accident!

It makes me wonder if they find that the automated praise makes people more likely to stick with blogging regularly. Personally, I know my own flaky habits mean that some days I’m not going to write anything at all, with very little excuse (I find that “I’m busy with family commitments” is a satisfying excuse; other things, not so much). That’s why I abuse the scheduling feature. Writing, like anything else, is a discipline; and like most worthwhile endeavors in life, it can be kind of tedious. And since many of my scheduled posts are inspired by things that are naturally infuriating (this is the easiest emotion to harness in order to drive verbiage, after all) I tend to get emotionally worn out after a while. At the time this post was written, in fact, I had spent several days only checking Vox, Athol, and John Wright’s blog updates in my RSS feed, since those three tend to be intellectually stimulating without constantly inspiring rage at the injustice of the world. I suppose I should go check to see if the Aurora killings have cycled out of the news-stream yet; I got very tired of reading endless opinion pieces tearing apart the least little tidbit of speculation or emerging fact. (Hopefully by the time this post goes up, the tragedy will have passed from sensation into respect for the victims.)

If there’s one thing that I discovered after paying attention to news, it is that very little of interest happens on any average day; no wonder the media sensationalizes everything they can get their hands on!


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