Your Stress is Your Responsibility (even if you’re a woman)

Via Insty, a story about a poor girl who bit off more than she could chew, got a job she couldn’t handle… and then blamed her employer when she quit.

You know, because I’m a sexist chauvinist pig, I don’t actually blame this poor overwrought female. Obviously she’s just not capable of playing on an even field with the Big Boys and Big Girls – her weak mental constitution just can’t take it! And who could expect such a delicate flower of femininity to go through the struggles of searching for a different, easier (and lower-paying) job in today’s economy unless she were pushed to the very end of her endurance, the poor thing? So of course she runs to the nearest bastion of patriarchal, chivalrous protection for weak women who can’t protect themselves: the courtroom. Judges are well known for their complete disregard for the virtues of “equality,” defined as men and women held to the same standard. Judicial creatures just love to let women off lightly and make every accommodation for their delicate egos and thin skin. It just wouldn’t do, you know, to hold women to the unreasonably high standards of responsible adulthood encapsulated in the phrase “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!”

Oh wait, wasn’t it mostly women who cooked over hot stoves?

So yes, Tammy Armstrong is a grade-A spoiled, entitled brat. And unless she makes some specific allegations of wrongdoing by particular persons, supported by at least one additional witness or audio recordings, I’m going to go with the assumption that the “hostile work environment” was “Nobody likes me! They’re all so mean because they expect me to handle my own stress and complete all this work!” Tammy, the reason everyone was so mean to you at work is because you’re a whiny brat. Here’s everybody else, slugging away with their own workloads, and there you go constantly complaining about how you can’t handle the job you’re being paid to do!

Here’s a hard fact of life: if you can’t handle your own stress, you don’t deserve to be respected as an adult. You’re a kid throwing a temper tantrum. If your job is stressing you out, and no one in your office is committing any kind of actionable harassment against you, the problem is with you, not with your employer. You’re hired to do a job, and if that job is beyond your capabilities, then yes, you do need to quit, and no, your quitting is not any kind of wrongful termination. The whole “protecting the disabled” thing is for people who work in dangerous environments and lose body parts, becoming physically unable to do their jobs because of an injury directly caused by physical danger inherent in the work. Stress definitely should not count. No one has an obligation to make special arrangements for you just to make your life easier, at the expense of everyone else around you who will have to pick up your slack.

Now, perhaps the court will rule that Tammy did deserve to receive overtime pay because they were classifying her position improperly with respect to the relevant laws. Perhaps she can prove that someone acted maliciously towards her, rather than making allegations unsupported by any evidence. If that’s the case, then she does deserve compensation under the law. But all these allegations of hers involving “emotional distress” and “my employer ignored my feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelings!!!! even though I whined about them a lot!!!” indicates that what she really wants is Big Daddy government to come in and slap those meanie employers around for not providing her with a fainting couch and only as much work as she decided she wanted to do every day.

The only person who controls how stressed you are is YOU. Not your employer, not your family, not every idiot on the road who doesn’t know how to drive properly. You are 100% responsible for 100% of the stress you feel from everything in your life that’s not caused by criminal activity on the part of others. And guess what? Ordinary. Life. Is. Stressful. Learn to control your emotions, child.

But like I said, I don’t really blame Tammy all that much for being a weak wilting flower. The people who do bear the blame are all those chattering-class women who demand! that accommodations must! be given to women in the workforce, or otherwise it’s just not fair! that women have to make sacrifices! How dare you expect women to compete by the same rules as men in the workplace! That’s so mean! It hurts women’s feelings to have to make trade-offs!

The trouble with having the government fulfill the patriarchal role of Protector of Women, however, is that the government doesn’t actually care about piddly things like justice or equality under the law or helping everyone to stand on their own two feet; if pandering to women who find out that real equality bites lets them make women into dependents on government largesse, the government is going to be all over that like white on rice. Dependents = political power. Unfortunately, the government really doesn’t care about what’s best for women, unlike actual fathers, who usually do care and want their daughters to grow up into strong, independent adults instead of perpetually dependent whiny teenagers.


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