On the Importance of Fatherhood

Women come to me and say: I want to have this child and I’ve never had a man in my life that I trusted, what do I do?

Kyle Pruett may not tell women what she should do with that desire, but I will: if you cannot do the relatively easy work of forming a long-term intimate relationship with another fully autonomous adult, what the hell makes you think you’ve got what it takes to raise a child? Stop being a selfish bitch. Every child has the right to be parented by his own biological father, unless some outside circumstance makes that impossible. Your inability to find yourself a suitable mate does not qualify as a good reason to deny a child his right to be raised by his own biological father. Only accident or incapacity beyond parental control can justly deny a child the right to possession of both biological parents. (Oh, and if you’ve never had a man in your life that you trusted, you’re either in desperate need of psychological therapy or you’re perpetually associating with the wrong crowd, neither of which are acceptable environments for a helpless child.)

That may mean that you have to be content with your pet goldfish instead of giving in to the powerful biological urge to reproduce. It doesn’t matter how much you want a child; what matters is giving your best for your child. And that means fixing whatever it is that prevents you from finding a suitable father for your desired offspring before you reproduce. And no, collecting an assortment of friend-zoned male acquantainces in the hopes that one of them will willingly emotionally bond with your bastard spawn does not count as “doing your best for your child.” It marks you as a selfish, entitled brat who cares entirely for her own desires and not nearly enough for her duties to others.

Oh, and icing on the selfish cake: “changes in marriage patterns — as opposed to changes in individual earnings — may account for as much as 40 percent of the growth in certain measures of inequality.” Yeah, and the “feminization” of poverty is exactly what one would expect to happen if women, especially already lower-income women, were in the habit of having children out of wedlock and relying on welfare payments to help defray the cost of raising children, while women in the upper classes make darn sure to snag that second income before having kids themselves. All the meanwhile praising those “brave” single mothers, don’cha know.


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