I do not have cable TV. I don’t listen to the radio. I prefer the internet, where I can control what I spend my attention on.

And what I spend my attention on is not likely to be whatever ratings-driven incident that has captured the lurid imaginations of the mainstream media and their lackeys.

The “Aurora massacre” is already added to the long list of events deliberately misreported on by mainstream media figures. The lies are so predictable, in fact, that I no longer care. Anyone who believes that the mainstream media reports the truth is a fool; let others correct the errors.

In my opinion, what has happened there is the business of those who live in that community, and those scattered elsewhere who are related to the victims; why should the rest of the country stick their oars into such a tragedy? Evil people exist, and commit evil crimes, every single day. How many others have been murdered in the last year without a country-wide media frenzy inspired by their blood? But I suppose gang warfare and ghetto crimes are so common as to be boring to the vampires who feed on human suffering.

So now the whole of the country knows about something that happened in some town in Colorado most of them have never even visited. How many of those people know what crimes were committed in their own neighborhoods last week?


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