A rescue

Right now in quarantine, I’ve got a tiny neon tetra I rescued from another household, the sole survivor of one of those nasty heater failures that cooks the fish. The poor thing was emaciated, but had good form other than that, so I took it home with the idea of nursing it back to health rather than putting it down humanely. It seems quite happy to be in the company of the three cardinals also in QT (new arrivals), and is eating well and putting on weight. My only worry is that it may have fin rot – a condition that seems to be endemic to its previous home. I’m hoping that companions, clean water, and regular feeding will restore the neon’s fins, since I’d rather not have to nuke the QT with antibiotics. I’m definitely not willing to introduce any of that nastiness into my “show” tanks, though. Something to keep an eye on.

Although I’m already dreaming of my cichlid fry in the main tank being eaten by the adults; I don’t need to dream of their fins rotting off too!

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