Personality Types

Read this description of the Myers-Briggs personality types, it’s definitely worth the time!

I was amused to see that the ENTJ is the Evil Overlord type, and the INTJ is the heartless outside contractor. This is because I myself am one of the extremely rare female INTJs, and I’ve devoted some study into how to fake the Extroversion for increased social success. Of course, it is only faking – excessive social interaction usually leaves me in a very bad mood and with the distinct desire to commit indiscriminate destruction if only some appropriate location and weapons stash could be found. I’d like to point out that in my case, violent video games are probably decreasing the amount of violence in society, not increasing it; but I didn’t play any until I got to college anyway. As a kid, I had to make do with Civilization, in which I would always chose Communism as my form of government as soon as I could. It was the easiest one with which to conquer the entire world, since the programmers didn’t include the “and then the economy collapsed and production ceased” aspect of that government in the editions I played as a kid. I also nuked enemy cities into oblivion on a regular basis (and nuclear winter only ever happened to me once, possibly because I was very conscientious about sending Engineers to clean up the resulting pollution).

So yeah, Grand Theft Auto doesn’t really hold much appeal for a kid who grew up conquering the planet on a regular basis. With nukes.

I stumbled across another blog (still vetting that one for inclusion on The List) by another female INTJ. Here’s the post: I’m an INTJ Woman and a Freak of Nature. I laughed at that, because we are freaks of nature! Thankfully, my father is also an INTJ, so I grew up in a loving, supportive environment with a close relationship with someone who understood me on a fundamental level, and never once suggested that there was something wrong with me because I wasn’t like other girls. Not that I wasn’t sad when friendships of circumstance didn’t work out – but then I went to college and found a great group of other oddballs to hang out with!


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