Some people should not live in permanent housing. They belong in trailers, so that when they leave, the thing can be set on fire to cleanse the environs.

The previous owner of our townhouse is one of those people.

We bought a foreclosure in 2009, and let me tell you, the neighbors greeted us with joy and horror stories of the previous occupant. They told us the bank had virtually gutted the house; unfortunately, there were a few things the bank didn’t take care of.

Like the roughed-in half-bath in the basement, that the previous owner used as a kitty litter room. My husband had to take a chisel to the concrete floor to remove the newspapers that had been adhered to the floor with cat urine. We sealed the concrete and ripped out the old drywall and had the room finished. That took care of that.

The more troublesome problem? The pet piddles that were left so long without being cleaned up that every outside-wall corner of the hardwood-floored main level is permanently damaged. We had the floors sanded and resealed – no good. The smell in those corners is horrific every time the weather warms up, and we’ve had some good and hot weather lately! It’s strong enough that one can smell it when sitting on the couches six feet away, in fact. We’re actually going to have to tear out and replace a lot of boards and probably the subfloor as well if we ever want to get rid of the stench.

I will never buy another house if the previous occupants had mammalian pets. NEVER. AGAIN. No matter how beautiful the bones of the house are, or how great the location happens to be. If I can tell there were pets living there, it’s a dealbreaker.

Sometimes we still get advertising mail addressed to her. I feel great sympathy for whoever her landlord might happen to be, wherever she is now. There isn’t a security deposit in the world high enough to cope with the damage she left on this place, that’s for sure.


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