Aquarium Cleaning and Pruning Accomplished

Whew! Let me tell you, even if I had space for another tank, I don’t know that I would get one (even if I could convince Jonathan to agree to it!) because it already takes about four hours to clean all of them at once. Arguably tonight’s long haul was due to my own procrastination – the planted aquarium required a major, major pruning and now looks a bit thin on one side, where I removed about a dozen leaves from my green ozelot swordplant. Technically that species is too large for a 55 – it’d suit a pond better – but if I get really mean and prune it way back by taking off the outer leaves, it has a tendency to grow back in with a pleasing shape. Briefly. Then it tries to take over the entire tank again! And it doesn’t seem to work to simply keep pruning the outer leaves to keep it to that shape – if it has an outer ring of leaves, it grows the new, inner leaves even larger. Silly plant shades itself!

Not that I’m quite done with this chore, if by done you mean “cleaned up” – but the tanks are all back up and running – with a new flow pattern in the planted tank, even.


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