My observational skills need leveling up!

The other night we had some folks over for dinner, and while waiting for the guys to finish grilling, us girls peered into the cichlid tank looking at baby cichlids living in the crevices between the rocks. I knew there were two of them (at least), but while we were looking, my guests found three more – including an older one that appears to be a rustie fry, not a saulosi fry! I’m very happy that so many haven’t been eaten (yet) and I hope they do make it. That was one of the reasons I have lots of big rocks in there – plenty of cracks for baby fish to hide in. On the other hand, all the rocks mean it’s impossible to catch a baby fish once you find it, and very, very difficult to catch a holding female! However, the New Life Spectrum food has a tendency to be rather dusty, which means the baby fish have a good chance of getting enough little particles of food while they grow.

Of course this makes me feel even more guilty for skipping last week’s water change because we had guests over! I really need to test for nitrates so I know for sure how often I’ll need to change the water to keep things nice and clean in there.

Here’s a photo of the one fry I knew about and could get a picture of! Apologies for the poor  quality; I’m not a very good cameraman.


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