Attention Addicts

My working hypothesis, on this kind of behavior – Lesbian Student Expelled for Perpetrating Fake Hate Crime Against Herself – is that these kinds of people have cropped up quite frequently through all of human history, and simply adjust their tactics in accordance with the current fads. They’re usually called “attention whores,” but I think the behavior can be traced back to the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” story. The boy cries wolf, and because society takes wolves very seriously, he gets a lot of attention. He’s an attention whore.

In today’s society, there are designated “victim groups,” and if you can manage to get yourself designated thusly, it practically qualifies you for sainthood. The small fry attention whores probably get away with the ambient glow of saintly victimhood without ever attracting major attention; the true attention addicts screw up in that their story matches the prevailing social narrative so closely that it gets, paradoxically, too much attention, and the story inevitably collapses when the truth comes out. (This behavior must be distinguished from mere narrative-lies told for purposes other than attention – some people are just Batshit Crazy, or trying to cover up or perpetrate fraud, etc.)

The trouble, thus, is that the victim-narrative inspires people to continue to perpetrate the undesirable behavior for their own benefit (because if the undesirable behavior quits, no one is victimized, and thus victim-sainthood status cannot be upheld) and it may well form a preference falsification that actually supports the undesirable behavior.

You see the first problem quite often in feminism – women’s status is arguably higher than men’s in our society (look up sentencing discount, child custody, suicide rates, graduation rates, and stereotypes in male media characters, especially in advertising, if you don’t believe me) – but feminists have claimed the “victim-saint” mantle for themselves, and the end of institutional* oppression of women in the Western world has led them to concoct ever more ridiculous “evidence” that teh womynz are Oppressed by The Patriarchy in order to maintain it. They focus their effort on Whatever It Takes to eliminate anything that might get in the way of statistical parity, defined as “50% women, preferably more”; meanwhile, there are actual cultures possessing Actual Oppressive Patriarchy (not just males being rude, or the unforgiving harsh reality of biology) that could use some fighting. Apparently the fact that there are fewer female nerds than male nerds in the USA is more important than the fact that women in places like Saudi Arabia are essentially slaves. I have no doubt that many strident feminists do feel oppressed by the reality of scarcity and biological differences between the sexes. Problem is, nobody but themselves is actively doing the oppressing!

The second problem, the one of preference falsification, applies to those who are honestly “the bad guys” – those who do consciously support what The Narrative is agitating against. It’s a form of false peer pressure. The isolated <insert Bad Person du jour> is reassured by the constant media coverage of Epidemic Waves of Hate Crimes that there are a whole lot of people out there who agree with him. When in reality… there aren’t. The correction that comes later (“Ooops! It was a fraud!) may not bee seen by the <BPDJ>, who goes along his merry way happy that he’s not alone. It doesn’t help that a lot of Academic Idiots are perfectly happy to give cover to the frauds and absolutely insist! that there really is! a terrible, terrible epidemic of <Bad Behavior du jour>. Even if there’s been steady improvement in the metric for the last couple of decades straight – but good news doesn’t get nearly the same ratings as bad news, so it’s All Bad News, All The Time for the most part.

Then there’s the moral of the story: people get tired of all the false alarms, and start disbelieving in the potential presence of wolves, so that when one actually does show up, nothing happens to stop him. The people who would have leapt to a real victim’s defense have become tired and jaded by all the pseudo-victims, pooh-pooh the incident, and change the channel.


*Institutional oppression being distinct from individual oppression. There will never come a day when abusive, controlling, and/or sociopathic people are forced into extinction by the Utopian Social Environment. The Assholes Will Be Ever With Us.


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