Feel the heat

Today is one of those really hot summer days. It amuses me that the National Weather Service is calling it “excessive heat” in their weather advisories. 

Think about it.

How does anyone actually know what “excessive heat” is? Sure, it might be unusually hot. You might even break a heat record or something. But how does weather manage “excessive” heat, given that it’s a chaotic system? Who sets the standards for “regular” heat and “high” heat and “excessive” heat? No one, because there isn’t such a thing as a standard for weather events. All we’ve got are the probability curves called “climate.” Which, we all know, change. Quite often, if you’re going to look at things from the perspective of the age of the earth, or even the projected age of the human species.

It is kind of poetic, though. I’m certainly cowering inside my air-conditioned house with as many extraneous electronic devices unplugged as possible! 

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