A Brave Woman

I follow Amy Alkon’s blog, and I appreciate a lot of what she posts, although I certainly don’t agree with quite a bit! But she saw fit to share the blog of a(nother) woman reporter who was brutally sexually assaulted by a mob of Egyptian men. Linkage here!

What I find so brave about this woman is that she was well aware of what might happen to her as a foreign woman in Egypt, and she takes responsibility for her own mistake in not being aware enough of her surroundings to avoid an absolutely terrifying assault. She’s willing to look the evils and dangers of the world face-on, and admit that she has a responsibility to herself to evaluate the risks and acknowledge danger, and she tells other women to do the same. At first, when I hadn’t read Natasha’s own account, I was incredulous that a woman reporter would have gone (or stayed) in Egypt at all – but this is no rose-colored-glasses liberal denying the reality of predatory people who are willing to hurt others and the responsibilities of each person to judge risks and take responsibility for running them. That’s why she’s a brave woman – she knew what she was doing, and she’s willing to risk a hideous death for what she believes in. She’s also smart enough to take precautions, and willing to admit when she screwed up and should have been more careful! Reading her account, I was left with the strong impression that this woman is not a victim, she’s a survivor. And no one will be able to make her a victim, not even beasts in human form.

Godspeed, Natasha. May you never have to go through that again! And may every man who hurt you suffer what’s coming to him. Soon.

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